Haute Route and Gran Fondo National Series have strong ties to Malibu and Ventura County in California, with the Malibu GRANFONDO and Malibu Invitational by Haute Route held in the area in March. We have staff, volunteers and partners who live in the area. As the Woolsey Fire and Hill Fire raged in the area, most had to evacuate and some lost their homes.

“The recent fires have left our community reeling from the damage to our Santa Monica National Parklands, canyon roads, local businesses, and even our homes”, said Kathy McCormick, Event Director for Haute Route. “This has not extinguished our resolve; rather it has strengthened our resilience. We are committed to rebuilding our community and supporting those who have suffered at the hand of these fires.”

Kathy added, “The heart and soul of the Malibu GRANFONDO and Malibu Invitational by Haute Route is the community of cyclists, sponsors and partners that dedicate their time, energy, and resources to help organize, execute and support our event. We are all avid cyclists who take pride in showcasing our great roads and catering to the athletes that participate in our event. We look forward to holding our sixth edition of the Malibu GRANFONDO, and the inaugural Malibu Invitational by Haute Route, and riding with you in March.” 

We are working closely with local authorities and can confirm that the Malibu GRANFONDO and the Malibu Invitational by Haute Route will be held as planned, March 15-17, 2019, against a backdrop of all-new landscape, fresh with early spring regrowth.

Join Our Community Fundraising Efforts

Haute Route and Malibu GRANFONDO have selected a local charity to help those affected by the fires, the Ventura County Community Foundation (VCCF), who provides immediate AND long-term disaster relief. We invite you to join us in our efforts. 

Ways you can help our community:

To protect your investment in our event, we are now offering entry fee insurance so you can commit worry free. If you have already registered for our event, you will receive an email offer to add the insurance if desired.

About Ventura County Community Foundation

For the past 30 years, the Ventura County Community Foundation (VCCF) has made a concerted effort to raise significant funds to address our County’s most pressing needs. Each year VCCF is proud to award millions of dollars to worthy initiatives and local causes.

The Ventura County Community Disaster Relief Fund was created in December 2017 to address the mid- to long-term needs of Ventura County to recover and rebuild from the devastating fires that have struck our community.

When a disaster strikes, on average 73% goes to immediate relief, while the recovery and rebuilding process can take up to 10 years. We know there will be significant and long-term needs for our fellow community members to rebuild their lives. Long after media attention has shifted away from our community, we will be here; committed to providing support that addresses the most critical needs of our nonprofits and their clients.

Disasters are chaotic, but the response should not be. With 30 years of experience in philanthropy we know how to make strategic, thoughtful, and impactful grants. To date, we’ve given out close to $100 million to local organizations addressing issues such as housing, hunger, economic well-being, and mental health. To learn more about our role in recovery and rebuilding, we encourage you to read this Forbes article entitled 10 Ways Community Foundations Are a Best-Bet for Disaster Giving.